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Cult! Cult! Cult! Everybody wants to be part of something, now you can join the greatest quasi-religious movement in the modern history of the world! the Scary Cat Cult welcomes everybody and is for everybody, Are you an overlord who understands that humanity is a bubble in a grander fractal pattern of existence, Or perhaps you just want to become a god of your own and ascend into heaven, right into the bosom of god, Or maybe you are just in it for the women, it doesn't matter, What Matters is that you have now found your home, your family. Just like Ol' Jim Jones and Charlie Manson we are all a family here everyone is welcomed and everyone can contribute.

Everyone who as accepted the Scary Cat Cult in there heart is already a member for life,
but for those who want to show how devoted they are this "official membership" offers some breathtaking offers.

. FULL ACKNOWLEDGMENT AS A MEMBER (that means you can submit your own albums, art, music projects, theories, books, etc. etc. and we will publish them on our fan pages)


. SCARY CAT CULT MEMBERS ONLY MERCH (there is a lot of merchandise that is strictly for devout patrons, from Ouiji Boards, to actual bones, to mask and much more)

. ETERNAL SALVATION (I know there are a lot of other "cults" out there offering this same exact thing, but the Scary Cat Cult is the only one that lets you do what the hell ever you want to and still are saved. Sins? the only sin we acknowledge is the sin of passing by this once in a life time deal)


What you get:


  • For $5/year, you get everything above.
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  • For $10/year, you get everything above, plus:
    Do you Want to dive even deeper into the world of the Unknown???

    This is the 33rd Degree so to speak. Widows' sons know what Im saying!

    Physical items include.

    . "ASK ME ABOUT THE CULT I AM IN" BLACK TEE (you will be the life of the party or at work when you wear your Scary Cat Cult shirt about)

    . DIETH NOT ON DIGITAL VIDEO DISC (the first video production made by the Scary Cat Cult its a psychedelic southern gothic rendering of Dante's Inferno)

    . ORDAINMENT WITHIN OUR RELIGION ( Priesthood, Monkhood, Preacher, Pope, Shaman, Witch, Necromancer, Philosopher, Rabbi, Cleric the possibilities are limitless. You will receive an email asking what type of religious leader do you want to be recognized as and once confirmed you will be able to carry out all duties of a "Priest" Marriages, FUNerls, Baptisms, Bris-es, any and everything you want to do!
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Scary Cat Music
South Carolina
RED Witch RED Witch RED Witch
"Southern Gothic" rock and folk from the black swamp waters. of South Carolina. the Scary Cat Cult-ective
☉ ☽ ☿ ♀ ♂ ♃ ♄

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